Rebecca Hu

Rebecca is part of the investment team at Aspect, where she spends her time looking across industries but has a particular passion about the future of healthcare. She comes from a healthcare technology investing background as one of the early employees for the Earlybird Health-Tech Fund in Berlin, and has previously spent time in healthcare banking (UBS) and management consulting (Bain & Company).

She received her BA in Neurobiology and Economics from Harvard College, where she was an integral part of the Harvard Crimson and the Asian American Dance Troupe. She received her MS in Molecular Photonics and Biotechnology as a Fulbright Scholar from École Normale Supérieure de Cachan in Paris, where she conducted research on developing an early-stage diagnostic platform for Alzheimer’s.

Rebecca is a fan of learning languages, beach volleyball, Chinese folk dance, and exploring different music varieties (classical, jazz, minimalist techno, experimental music, etc.). Like any good millennial, she also loves traveling and photography.