Chad Herrin

Chad is a technology investor and software executive with 20+ years of experience in business and cloud software applications and services. Chad’s mission at Aspect is to share this experience with entrepreneurs working to build transformational software companies.

Chad first met Aspect co-founder Theresia Gouw in 1997 at the tiny startup offices of Release Software, where they worked to help leading software companies transition from selling software in a box at Fry’s to distributing software securely over the internet.

Most recently Chad was a VP at SuccessFactors, where he was responsible for M&A and corporate strategy, including SuccessFactors’ $300 million acquisition of Plateau Systems. After SuccessFactors was acquired by SAP for $3.6B, Chad was VP Corporate Development working on SAP’s rapidly evolving cloud businesses.

Prior to SuccessFactors, Chad was an investment professional at TPG and Austin Ventures. He is also an active angel investor, looking to support innovative people who want to make an impact.

Chad earned his MBA from Stanford in 2001. He and his wife Jessica found love at first sight at a Stanford Industrial Engineering BBQ and are the proud parents of two girls.

Chad is an avid skier, having grown up in Reno NV and getting his first experience in the 3rd grade at Mt. Rose. He loves adventures in the mountains with family, dear friends, and often times complete strangers.