What VCs Want in 2016


What VCs Want in 2016

Aspect’s Theresia Gouw comments on the huge opportunity for investment in Cybersecurity:

“The sophistication of the bad guys has increased,” says Theresia Gouw, co-founder of Aspect Ventures, a San Francisco firm that invests in digital marketplaces, security, health IT and analytics. “That, coupled with massive change in technology infrastructure, is creating huge opportunity. It’s like a perfect storm.”

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Consider Exabeam, a big-data security company that has raised $35 million in financing, including contributions from Aspect Ventures. The company employs user- behavior analytics to detect cyber attacks that rely on stolen credentials. “You’ve got to think about users,” says Gouw, who has been investing in security companies for 15 years. “Most of the big hacks that you’ve read about, everything from the Sony hack to the Target hack, are bad guys getting users’ credentials.”