Business Leaders Share Their Biggest Concerns About The Future Of Business

Fonstad thinks we still have a long way to go when it comes to hiring, developing, and retaining talent.

“As investors, we’ve seen a growing number of startups addressing ‘this future of work,’ says Fonstad. “Companies like The Muse provide services to help young workers manage their own careers and coaching to guide them through the process. Companies like Fluid and other emerging companies in the financial-services category ensure that contract workers don’t have to wait 90 days to be paid, for a small fee ‘factoring’ their wages,” she explains.

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“And for large companies, retaining employees with additional services has become a higher priority—from Facebook offering fertility services to Fortune 500 companies offering wellness programs like Grokker to keep productivity and engagement at work high,” she continues.

And how companies meet the next generation’s expectations for careers and training will “define their success in building a successful workforce for the future,” she says.