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April 4, 2018

Driving Cloud Security Strategies, a NCSA and Nasdaq Cybersecurity Summit

New York, NY

Mark Kraynak moderating panel: The Foundation of a Cloud Security Strategy is a Data Security Strategy

April 12, 2018

Vanity Fair Founders Fair

Spring Studios, New York, NY

Jennifer Fonstad speaking

April 25, 2018

Digital 50 Summit

San Francisco, CA

Theresia Gouw


We started Aspect because we wanted to combine the best of what we’ve learned with a fresh perspective to do things better —
probably similar to the reasons you’re starting companies.
Lots of Experience

We're tech entrepreneurs and long-time investors, with 6 IPOs, 26 successful acquisitions, and tens of billions in public market cap between us.

Fresh Perspective

We embody the culture of a startup - more like our companies than traditional venture. We get excited by real innovation versus trends or quick returns. We partner at the ground floor--seed or Series A--and work with you through the entire arc of your company's growth.

Constant Iteration

We won't reflect a moment in time - we are constantly improving as we learn new things from our companies and each other.

Together, we’ll build lasting companies.
Whether you go public (we’ve helped a dozen founders get there)
or join forces with another company (we’ve done that about 30 times),
we’ll help you realize your vision for your business.
Direct, Long-Term Partnership

You wouldn’t outsource the most important part of your business to someone else, and neither do we. The same people you chose to partner with work by your side, all the way.

A Friend in Fundraising

Never fundraise alone again. We've raised 500+ follow-on financings for our companies. We’ll guide you in what we know best so you can focus on what you know best - building your business.

Our Shared Community

We’ve been building our network for two decades and we will connect you to the talent, partners and customers you’ll need to grow.